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Hey, my fashionista friends.  This is Chris.  I hope that Grace and Maren don’t mind my posting this new article, but I am so excited to discover a new trend that I absolutely have to tell you about it.   Here is the hottest new thing in footwear:  Steve Madden studded shoes. Image

Meet  the most outrageous, bodacious sneaker ever — shiny, gold, and covered with spikes!   And you thought that spikes only belonged on the bottoms of shoes!  Nope.  I say, if you got ’em, flaunt ’em.  These haughty high-tops have a message:   Grrrll power!    They are worn here by Kathryn, a sophomore at St. Louis University, who prefers the casual look of leaving the laces untied and tucked in.Image

What kind of girl wears shoes like these?  Well, this one is athletic, smart, and tough.   They’re shoes that say “back off” and “don’t mess with me,” she says.  While retaining an air of luxury in a gold finish, they also advertise street smarts and a playful, downright dangerous, attitude.  And yes, you can hurt someone if you kick them with these booties!

So, hike on down to your nearest Steve Madden retailer and try on a pair to see how they mesh with your new, sassy image.  You won’t be able to keep from smiling when you see yourself, I bet . Talk the talk, and walk the walk for $99.95.  Oh yeah, and get outa my way.