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hey guys, I found this letter and I thought it was appropriate for the way I’m feeling about a friend right now. Ex-friend I should say. I tweaked it a little and you guys should comment and let me know what you think. Should I give this to said Ex-friend?

I hate you. I honestly do. It takes a lot for me to hate someone so much, but now after the way you treated me, I hate you.




Maybe it’s the way you lie. Your tendency to be two faced. Or the way you boast about how nasty you are as if it is a good thing. Perhaps it’s the way you ignore people for no reason. The way you walk around with you nose turned up to the sky as if you’re better than everyone else. Or maybe it’s your ability to act so intelligent when you’re really not. You’re not. Because if you were intelligent, if you really thought, in that big head of yours, about what friendship is, you wouldn’t have taken me for granted, because that’s the worst decision you’ll ever make and continue to make to this day. Taking a friend for granted. Because each time you take someone for granted, each time you ignore them, insult them, snub them or exclude them, they’ll move away from you. Inch by inch. Like I moved away from you. Inch by inch. And you didn’t even notice because you’re too self-involved. And then, they’ll tell their actual friends about the way you ignored them, insulted them, snubbed them, or excluded them, and then those people will move away from you. Inch by inch. Don’t you see! You brought this all upon yourself! Watch as history repeats itself. Watch them turn, watch them move, watch them walk away from your puppet strings, just as I did. Watch the people you may have called friends disappear. Because back when we were “friends,” there was a time that I thought that you were a good one, that you were one of my good friends. I was a fool back then, but now the only fool is you. I will never regret my decision to walk away from you and this so-called friendship.

Friends and Fools.

Funny how the tables have turned and I am neither one of them to you.