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Hey guys, so while Mrs. Hodges ( our teacher)  isn’t here today, I am in the media center trying to think of something to write about. Then it came to me. Pink.

Not the color itself, but the Victoria’s Secret clothing line. Victoria’s Secret Pink. They have T-shirts, Yoga pants, sports jackets, sweatshirts, and sweat pants. The clothes are cute, and, like Miss Mes, expensive. Also like Miss Mes, I own a couple jackets and a pair of yoga pants from Pink.

You can always tell when the jacket is from Victoria’s Secret because it will always say either Love Pink, or Love Pink 1986, or have a dog insignia on it somewhere. Sometimes all three!!

At my school, Miss Mes and Pink clothing all say something about you: You have money to spend on things. But wanna know my secret? Of the three Pink things I own, I haven’t bought any of them at retail price. The jackets I got on sale and the pants are from a thrift store. I think Grace wrote a piece about thrifting earlier but I don’t remember. The jacket I’m wearing now was $80 at retail price and I got it for $25 on sale.

Talk about a bargain!