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Hey guys, it’s 8:13 p.m. here in Nebraska and apparently 1:10 a.m. in where ever this site is based from. I’m home with a massive headache from a “sports injury.”

I was at volleyball today after school and was shagging my ball after I served it over the net and as I reached down to pick it up, i was knocked off my feet by a ball hitting me in the temple.

I was hit in the right side of my head but the pain was all in the left side of my brain. I am currently under watch at home and am forbidden from sleeping.

I wish sports weren’t so dangerous, don’t you? I prefer swimming as my favorite sport. After all, the worst thing that could happen is drowning, and your always being watched during races.

I’m sure there are sports where you are too, be they the same ones we play here or different. They all have dangers. I guess I just wanted to say, be careful, and don’t be too reckless.

— Maren