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Hi everyone! Grace and I have been back at school for almost a month now and we haven’t written much… here comes the excuse: 8th grade is hard!!!

We get more homework.  For example, a few nights ago my math teacher gave us an assignment that took me an hour to finish. We aren’t supposed to get hours of homework until highschool! And then I had French homework to do after that! Not to mention my application for yearbook staff. I don’t know about Grace’s homework, but I’m gonna guess that she has the same. Anyway, I like the 8th grade a lot. I like my new teachers and the different things that we get to do that the sixth graders don’t. Like go to lunch first, or be on the yearbook staff, or go to Washington D.C. on a school trip with a bunch of our friends.

Some of the classes I am taking are: History, Health, PE, Drama, Science, French, English (that is where we write posts from), and Algebra. I am sad that I don’t have many classes with friends, but at least we have some together. Like Grace and I have French together,  my best friend Maya and I have Health, PE, and Science together, and we all have lunch to sit and chat.

OMG. I forgot to say, on the first day of school, everyone was wearing horizontal stripes. I wore a blue and white striped shirt and everyone had on neon stripes. It was crazy! all the guys just wore a shirt and shorts because they don’t care about how they look. Boys frustrate me. 😡